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Mr. D's

A wild collection of exciting scent combinations unlike anything else your senses have encountered.

  • Mr. D's Body CareBay Rum Bomb: A stimulating explosion of bay rum with a burst of cherry and a hint of clove. One scent you need in your bay rum arsenal.
  • Bay Rum Hippie: Unleash your beatnik and let it all hang out with this love child inspired scent. Bay rum makes peace and love with ginger, lime, and patchouli. Groovy, man. Groovy.
  • Bay Rum Beach: Be in the summertime mood anytime of the year with this easy going, flip flop, splash of sunshine scent. Waves of bay rum crashing into lime, coconut, and other summer time scents.
  • Bay Rum Seduction: Tempting and alluring scent. The enticing fragrance of bay rum mixed with the desirous undertones of mysterious amber and provocative vanilla. Create the attraction.
  • Blood Moon - Dragon's blood, musk, and other nightly aromas come together to create a captivating scent that will have you howling at the moon. Allow the fragrance to roam for a chorus of blood curdling howls from those around you who can't help but bask in it's enjoyment as well.
  • Night Of The Living Cologne - An earthly scent that will bring you to life. Unique combination of oakmoss, english ivy, and other rich scents along with a hint of fresh cut grass to give you that just crawled out of the ground smell.
  • Splash Of Terror - A bone chilling splash of citrus yet predominantly spicy. It's terrifying how great it smells. Only a splash is needed to enthrall your senses and stimulate your impulses.
  • The Cologne From Another World - Tahitian vanilla, heliotrope, and alien inspired plant based scents come together to create a manly smell that could have only come from another world. Engage and attract alien as well as local life forms with an out of this world scent combination.

Natural ingredients with an extreme kick sensation.


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