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Shave Soaps & Creams

Musgo Real, Proraso, Truefitt & Hill, TrumperCaswell Massey, Dominica Bay RumEdwin Jagger, James Bronnley,
Ogallala, Taylor of Old Bond St, Merkur, Bath House, Valobra, Omega, William Marvy, Lightfoot, Col Conk, Lucky Tiger, Omega, Pre de Provence, Tabac
Here you are at the very heart of Fine Shaving; a vast selection of all thats needed to make your razor trim your beard close and even, leaving your skin unharmed, moist and refreshed. Read more below ...

Happily ALL the products shown here will do just that. The Three T's Truefitt & Hill , Taylor of Bond St and Geo F Trumper are among our customer favorites. You may want to explore the many options we provide, all tested by us and included only if they prove to be of the highest quality. Remember to prepare your skin before you shave for best results
Read more & see all Pre Shave Items in the special category we created for that most important step
Beyond just hot water .
Splashing hot water on the beard is instinctively the first step of shaving with a razor. Hot water cleanses the skin, opens and relaxes the pores, softens hair follicles and has the ability to lubricate the skin to ensure that the razor blade glides smoothly over the skin surface.
Consider a Pre-Shave product to further protect the skin from the sharpness of the blade !
Pre-shave Oils, Gels and Lotions may be especially helpful to gents with sensitive skin.
Rub a small, nickle-sized amount of the pre-shave Oil Gel in your hands and massage into your wet beard.
Apply before first pass only or apply before each pass depending on your beard .

Extremely Helpful Shaving Tip  
  • Always shave with the grain, or in the direction of hair growth, for the first pass with a razor.
  • The first pass will remove approximately 80% of the hair. If you want a closer shave or have an extra thick beard, re-lather and shave either against or across the hair grain.
Ahh ha....minimal razor burn, skin irritations or  ingrown hairs!
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