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Brushes, Razors & Blades

Barclay Crocker sells only all natural shave brushes made from Badger or Boar hair .. read more below

Badger hair - considered by many to be the best hair for shaving with its soft bristles and the only hair type that retains water like a sponge. 

There are essentially 4 different grades of Badger hair:  Pure, Fine, Super and Silvertip - graded by hair quality (softness), density and duration.
Boar hair - all of the Omega Shaving brushes have natural boar bristle hair.  The Omega Shaving brushes were developed by Italians to be an exceptional brush at excellent value. 


CARE of your Shave Brush: 

  • Rinse well after each use 
  • Shake off excess water
  • Hang on Brush Stand with bristles facing down - this ensures it dries well and extends the life of your brush for many years to come.

Razors have come a long way since the straight or "cut-throat" razor with a blade that needed to be sharpened before each use.  Barclay Crocker offers a variety of razors on the cutting edge of technology - double-edge safety razors made by Merkur in Solingen, Germany and swizel-head razor handles that hold MACH 3 blades.  Both razor types use disposable blades. Read more below to learn what is so revolutionary about today's disposable razor blades.

5 Reasons for returning to the 18th Century Art of using a Shaving Brush

  • Generates a warm & rich lather (rich lather protects & lubricates the skin)
  • Brings an adequate amount of warm water to the skin to open pores & lubricate skin (more effective & efficient than cupping hands to bring water to your face!)
  • Softens and lifts the beard off the face
  • Guides the direction of whiskers as they loosen up in their pores, preparing them for the blade
  • Exfoliates gently to rid the skin of dead cells.


A brief history of razor blades

  • 1880 the Kampfe brothers invented the safety razor with a blade that didn't need to be sharpened before each use. 
  • King Gillette soon further revolutionized shaving when he invented a disposable blade that didn't need to be sharpened at all.
  • 1971 Gillette introduced the swivel-head razor, providing comfort, closeness and convenience.
  • 1977 Atra introduced the first twin-blade shaving system with a pivoting head.
  • 1990 Sensor was the first razor with twin blades individually mounted on highly responsive springs that continuously adjust to the face.
  • 1998  **MACH 3** introduced to the shaving world!  The most significant shaving advance since Gillette's Trac II twin-blade razor.  The MACH 3 has three progressively aligned, thin spring-mounted blades and forward pivot action that allows men to achieve a closer shave in fewer strokes with less irritation.
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