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Pre Shave

Consider trying a Pre-Shave Oil, Gel or Lotion to further enhance your shaving experience & protect the skin from the sharpness of the blade.  Pre-shave oils , gels and lotions are especially helpful for those with sensitive skin. More below ..

Beyond just hot water - Splashing hot water on the beard is instinctively the first step of shaving with a razor.  Hot water cleanses the skin, opens and relaxes the pores, softens hair follicles and has the ability to lubricate the skin to ensure that the razor blade glides smoothly over the skin surface.

Pre Shave  - HOW TO USE

  • Rub a small, nickle-sized amount of the pre-shave oil or lotion in your hands and massage into your wet beard.
  • Apply before first pass only or apply before each pass.
Extremely Helpful Shaving Tip 
Always shave with the grain, or in the direction of hair growth, for the first pass with a razor. The first pass will remove approximately 80% of the hair. If you want a closer shave or have an extra thick beard, re-lather and shave either against or across the hair grain.  Ahhh....minimal razor burn, no skin irritations or ingrown hairs !
Interesting and Intriguing Information about HAIR
The hair shaft, the part that protrudes from the skin, is made of 3 layers:  2 inner layers - the cortex and the medulla, and 1 outer layer - the cuticle. 
The cuticle is a hard, shingle-like layer of overlapping cells, very similar in comparison to a stack of plastic drinking cups. It is the most resistant part of the hair and acts as the first line of defense against all forms of damage. The cuticle's armor-like structure and resistance to water make it an excellent protective barrier for the soft inner structure of the hair.
Hot water, Soap and Pre-Shave Oils, Gels and Lotions break down and soften the armor-like cuticle layer.  Water then can access and plump the hair follicle to  improve &ease its removal.
(Most information read on Badger and Blade from comments by ShaveWiki.)
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