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Bath and Body

Ahhhh...the luxury of the bath!
The baths of Caracalla, the mythic spas of Babylon... All speak from times past of the glorious ritual inherent in dunking and soaking the body. Read more ..



Barclay Crocker is pleased to present the finest products, garnered worldwide, to enhance your bathing/shower pleasure. A simple luxury. It's time to replenish body, mind and spirit with bubbles, gels, oils and fragrances.

Soap, of course is the big bath time product and as we carry so many interesting ones,we have a whole category dedicated to that alone.

Then there are all the other wonderful items ones needs for Bath/Showertime and after.

Gels & Bubbles, Scented Candles, Back Scrubbers, Nail Brushes, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotions, Foot Cream, Cuticle Cream and to finish up Perfumed Powders and Talcs.  We also offer Custom Scented Blends for the Bath, Body & Hair Care with 75+ scents to choose from .


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