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Privacy Notice

BARCLAY CROCKER INC. is committed to providing shoppers with the best online shopping experience available on the Web, within the safest, most secure environment possible.

BARCLAY CROCKER INC. wants its customers to know that we respect and protect your privacy. We will never sell, loan, rent, trade or give away your name, email, address or any other personal information to any third party without your permission.

Any information we collect from you - such as the web pages on our site you have visited, your IP address, and personal information volunteered during your order and registration process - is used solely for the purpose of enhancing your shopping experience.

BARCLAY CROCKER INC. uses your email, and occasionally your telephone number, to communicate with you about your current orders. We use the email addresses of our members to let them know about special promotions, discounts, and other news pertaining to BARCLAY CROCKER INC.

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