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Mont St Michel Eau de Cologne 250ml -3 Fragrance options

Mont St Michel Eau de Cologne 250ml  -3 Fragrance options
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    The French brand Mont Saint Michel , craftsman parfumeur since 1920, offers a body care range of naturally perfumed products. It is the only brand with an Eau de Cologne “artisant parfumeur” know since 1920. Mont St. Michel i (more details below)


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    The French brand Mont Saint Michel, craftsman parfumeur since 1920, offers a body care range of naturally perfumed products. It is the only brand with an Eau de Cologne “artisant parfumeur” know since 1920. Mont St. Michel is an authentic brand and offers in its products a fine fragrance. It stands for quality, freshness, tradition and naturality.

    Excellent value 250 ml size.  Also available in 500 ml size (3 fragrances). 

    Mont St-Michel Ambrée (Orange label): slightly musky, some spicy notes and a woody background, the most masculine of Mont St-Michel

    Mont St-Michel Naturelle (blue label): Classical traditional delicate sweet fragrance eau de Cologne, notes of Bergamot and Orange peel, traces of Sandalwood and Amber, Jasmine and Rose.

    Mont St-Michel Lavender (purple label): By far the most popular, we have here the joy of being in the middle of a field of Lavender in bloom in June and exhaling us the best memories of summer  

    unavailable Mont St-Michel Fraicheur (green label):  An intense bouquet of citrus, a pinch of fern, a background of mint, it smells of summer, the green, the sun and ultimately refreshing. see 500ml size

     This multi-purpose Colognes has been used by Europeans since the 1920's 


    • Splash post-shower or bath, perfume is delicate, it does scent the skin gently ;  
    • Replacing rubbing alcohol to tone, invigorate, revitalize, for adults &/or children
    • as a Linenwater, diluted proportions of 8 to 1, you can put in your iron and gently perfume clothes, or in the washing machine to rinse, or to spritz on bedding  
    • Add a few drops to bath water, and you have a relaxing bath with Lavender, or soothing bath with the Naturelle or Ambree...




    The monks at the famous Mont St Michel Monestry in France have been receiving congratulatory letters - and more recently email - for almost a century..and these for a product they NEVER madeand indeed few in the USA have heard of.

    But ask the French if they know the Mont St Michel brand and 55% admit to being users. Invented by an obscure artisan perfumer names Paul Andre Serre circa 1920 in an attic garret somewhere near Rue Mont St Michel in Paris. He formulated this unique Cologne distillery method using copper kettles.. Ambree Authentique sold first in large cylinders by Paris apothecaries the Cologne quickly attracted a wealthy clintele. Ownership changed hands over the years. At one time an opera singer from La Scala in Milan marketed the product to supermarkets. In 1963, the brand diversifies and launches 3 new varieties. Fraicheur Intense, Naturelle and Lavender Imperial.

    Eau de Cologne - available in 250 ml and 500ml bottles - Ambree, Fraicheur, Naturelle, Lavender.

    These remarkable Eau de Colognes is now available just about everywhere toiletries are sold in France (very hard to find in the US). Surviving the test of time , there has been little sacrifice in quality during the last 90 years.In 2008 over 3 million bottles were sold within the borders of France alone.

    Cologne lovers sprinkle it on neck and chest, use as an aftershave , refreshing body mist, add drop to their bath and spritz on linens. Used by both adults and children alike.

    Barclay Crocker is very pleased to offer this product and we have received many thank you's ourselves as followers of this item find it nearly impossible to locate in the USA.

    Remember we Custom Scent with your choice of 75 Essential Oils /Fragrances your Body Lotions, Shave Cream, Aftershave Balms, Shampoos, Conditioners and Shower/Bath items

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