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Musgo Real Men's Bath Soap Classic 5.6 oz.

Musgo Real Men's Bath Soap Classic 5.6 oz.

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    Quick Overview
    ... Coconut Oil makes these bars especially mild and creamy. Considered, the genesis of the Musgo Real line, one of the most popular products in the range. Classic Blend : Scented with Vetyver and Patchouli (more details below)



    Product Description

    Coconut Oil makes these bars especially mild and creamy. Considered, the genesis of the Musgo Real line, one of the most popular products in the range.

    Classic Blend: Scented with Vetyver and Patchouli

    Musgo Real

    Created in 1920, the Musgo Real Collection is now more current than ever before. Combining the manual production of almost 100 years with the demands of modern times, this line has a set of several products, adequate to the skincare of the male universe.

    Masculine, elegant and distinctive, Musgo Real is synonym of high quality products and design, with contemporary packages that display the authentic and original labels of Claus Porto.

    Agua di Colognes & Classic Aftershave

    For the sophisticated and discerning, Musgo Real now offer 6 extraordinary Eau de Colognes. All are natural, without addition of dyes.

    Orange Amber Cologne #1

    Mandarin Orange, Spicy Bergamot and hints of Amber and Musk are blended in this scent which is great for day or night. Sensual and soothing, the Amber fragrance has been shown to enhance heart energy and increase romantic feelings.

    Oak Moss # 2,

    Scented with Woodsy Oak Moss is combined with a hint ofGrape leaves and freshly Mown Hay for an outdoor scent that is fresh and masculine

    Spiced Citrus # 3.

    Scented with Wood, Spices, Coriander and Verbena mixed with Lime and Incense for a scent that is strong and original.

    Classic Aftershave /Cologne

    Scented with Vetyver and Patchouli, enhanced with Aloe extract to soothe and witch hazel to tone and firm and Echinecea to promote healing of just shaved skin.


    Lavender Agua di Cologne  # 5

    Scented with Lavender and hints of Vanilla. Fresh and invigorating, Lavender is mixed with a subtle Vanilla to create a traditional Men's (and no doubt Women's) fragrance that is clean and fresh and works well day or night.


    Lime Basil Agua di Cologne # 5

    Fresh and green; Lime peel and Basil are blended with a touch of Mandarin Orange for a crisp and masculine fragrance that works well for day or night

    Lime Basil

    See all Colognes & Eau's from Musgo Real

    Musgo Balsam

    Musgo Real After Shave Balsam


    Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil



    Remember we Custom Scent with your choice of 75 Essential Oils /Fragrances your Body Lotions, Shave Cream, Aftershave Balms, Shampoos, Conditioners and Shower/Bath items

    MUSGO REAL....

    Musgo Real has a loyal, almost 'cult' following for it's lanolin infused Shaving Cream  " Creme Para Barbear "

    In fact, this shave cream was the very first item we added to our website listings when Barclay Crocker went online back in '90's.

    The range which includes Classic Aftershave, Colognes, Balsam, Pre Shave Oil. Body Wash and Coconut /Glycerin Soaps has always been a bestseller at Barclay Crocker.

    We are delighted to offer the exciting new fragrance and product additions to our customers.

    Shave Creams

    Musgo Real Shave Creams

    6 Scent Options

    Creme Para Barbear" has been made since the 1920s by Claus & Schweder (established in 1887 and now owned by Achilles Britto) using

    While Musgo Real can be used as a brushless cream, application and lathering with a brush will achieve far better results.
    When using Musgo, you'll find that blades last longer and do not become clogged.This allows the blade to come closer to your face for a smoother, longer lasting and enjoyable shave.

    Classic Scent Orange Amber Oak Moss

    Classic , Orange Amber , Oak Moss, Spiced Citrus, Lavender and Lime Basil

    Spiced Citrus Lavender Lime Basil
    Glycerin Lime Oil Soaps

    Glycerin Lime Oil Soaps

    NEW 6 Scent Options

    The Glycerin soap contains Lime Oil to refresh the face, Castor Oil to soak and soften the whiskers and a trace of alcohol to remove the dirt which restricts razor glide.

    With traces of alcohol to purify the skin, castor oil to smooth and soak it and lime oil to refresh it, this soap is the perfect preparation for the shaving "ritual”.

    Unquestionably, this is the perfect complement for men who appreciate a natural and pure soap.

    Oak Moss Lavender Spiced Citrus

    Bath Soaps 5.8oz  -  6 Scent Options

    Coconut Oil makes these bars especially mild and creamy. Available also 'on a rope' 6.7oz

    Classic Scent Orange Amber Oak Moss
    Lime Basil Soap on a Rope 6.7oz

    To complete the full line of Shaving & Bathing items, Musgo Real now offers Shower Gel Shampoo 10oz & Body Cream 10oz in all six fragrances.

    Enriched with whea proteins and coconut extracts, this simple shampoo/shower gel is easy to use.

    This body cream with its glycerin, olive and almond oil extracts and shea butter is perfect for dry, overworked skin.

    Shower Gel Shampoo Body Cream
    Musgo Real - A Classic since the 1920's

    Barclay Crocker is an Official Vendor at Badger & Blade