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Pre After Cream SENSITIVE 3.6 oz Proraso

Pre After Cream SENSITIVE 3.6 oz Proraso
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    SENSITIVE version of Pre After Cream from Proraso manufacturiing Barber Shop shaving since 1907, With Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E - Designed to defend against aggressive shaving, soften the beard and soothe redness and bumps. Before Shav (more details below)
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    SENSITIVE version of Pre After Cream from Proraso manufacturiing Barber Shop shaving since 1907, With Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E - Designed to defend against aggressive shaving, soften the beard and soothe redness and bumps. Before Shaving: Wet Face - massage delicatly until all absorbed. Apply shave cream as usual with Brush or Hand - apply again after rinsing for smooth skin. See complete PRORASO line of Shave Creams, Foams & Soaps, also Aftershave Lotions and Balms.




    Long before real-life ad men were asking barbers for shaves or getting badger brushes from their children,men in Italy were shaving with Proraso.

    Proraso was one of first luxury shaving creams to use cooling Eucalyptus oil, a common ingredient that's still used today. Much like proscuitto, the Proraso brand eventually grew to become one of Italy's finest exports.

    Proraso is a brand that, over a period of 60+ years, has become a legend - first in Italy and now around the world. It's a classic shaving line of products that, because of it's superior quality,has remained relatively static for decades.

    Ludovico Martelli Inc recently decided to innovate, on two fronts

    Reformulation : removing the irritating synthetics (parabens, silicones, articifial coloring) and pore-clogging mineral oils (which, despite the organic-sounding name, are bad for your skin). A new Red line with Shea Butter & Sandalwood for 'tough beards' has been added.

    Packaging :The concept is blend of classic & modern.The iconic Barber Shop Stripes mixed with a contemporary look.

    Proraso Blue Line

    Proraso Blue Line

    This formula has been developed to create ample protective lather for a multi pass shave and has a very fresh, clean scent. Added Aloe helps keep skin moisturised while added Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that helps to repair and protect it both during and after shaving.

    This alcohol-free protective aftershave balm has been formulated to calm and revitalise the skin. It contains healing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help moisturise the skin and repair shaving irritations.

    Proraso Green Line

    This is the classic and original. It is suitable for all beard types.

    Formulated with Eucalyptus and Menthol for a cooling shave, which leaves the skin with that traditional barber shop freshness and firmness.

    Proraso RED

    Proraso Red Line

    The red range tames even the toughest beards while it’s

    Natural ingredients Shea butter and Sandalwood calm the skin and boost it’s elasticity, protecting against razor burn.

    This formula has been developed especially for thicker, coarser hair and its rich lather serves to hydrate, soothe and protect the face. Enriched with the purest ingredients including Shea Butter and Glycerin. Proraso shave cream should be applied with a brush. For best results use in conjunction with Proraso Pre and Post Shaving Cream.

    Proraso White Line

    This range contains natural emolients and the antioxidant power of Green Tea and Oatmeal to provide special care for sensitive skin.

    Proraso is now proclaiming itself anew, as the brand that cares for 'every man', transforming shaving into a ritual of self care.

    As men's grooming has swelled as an industry, Proraso's not the only throwback brand fighting for space on your bathroom shelf.  It is wonderful timing that Proraso - one of the world's original grooming brands launched their updated formula as Barclay Crocker is focusing more and more on products with ingredients that care for your skin.The world's original grooming brand has finally caught up.



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