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About Barclay Crocker

Fine Shaving and Toiletries Since 1990.

For 25 years, we have been providing our customers with the finest shaving and bath products from all over the world. Now enjoy our own creations made right here at Barclay Crocker from natural oils and butters, herbs, essential oils and other organic and natural ingredients. Only the best will do for our fine shave and bath & body products.

Only the best will do.

Barclay Crocker started with it's own specially formulated skin care and shave products that are custom scented. To honor this start, we are expanding on products that we develop, create and make right here in New Hampshire. We also carry an extensive line of famous and hard to find brands from all parts of the globe. Our focus is on providing only high quality items that anyone with discerning tastes will appreciate.

Enjoy our new, expanded line of Barclay Crocker brand products.

With the experienced assistance of our own aromatherapist and our own skin care professional, we have created a number of Barclay Crocker items that are prescented. Enjoy the same high quality items offered in our popular custom scented line in popular blends that are perfectly balanced for long lasting enjoyment. Our attention to quality includes natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.