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Bay Rum Collections

Bay Rum has been around for over a century with its origins in that of the West Indies and Virgin Islands. Islanders made oil out of the leaves and berries from bay trees. The oil was then massaged into the skin and scalp to treat aching joints, muscle pain, to provide relief from the heat and was thought to stimulate hair growth. Sailors also utilized the fragrant bay leaves to cover up their body odor from months at sea. Later, the sailors realized that when mixed with rum the scent seemed to stand out more and last longer. The islanders also made this discovery and started mixing the bay oil with rum. This is the humble beginning of the famous Bay Rum.

Today, we know that bay leaves do have healing properties. It is known to stimulate hair growth and help de-stress skin thus preventing wrinkles and skin outbreaks. It also provides relief to cuts and bruises and helps heal skin infections thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. The fragrance is one of its own, there is nothing quite like Bay Rum. It is spicy, warm, rich and masculine. The combination of benefits and fragrance makes Bay Rum products a sought out toiletry for men.

Here at Barclay Crocker we know the demand for Bay Rum products and have provided it our customers. We now have our own Bay Rum collections featuring our Bay Rum Classic, Bay Rum Sandalwood, and Bay Rum Vanilla available in all of our fine products.